Fake Copper Blanket XXXII (9/27/2014)
Info & Registration
First Team Tournament (10/18/2014)
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Junior Open (11/08/2014) (Results)
8&Under 10&Under 12&Under 16&Under 21&Under
Grade Championship (12/13/2014)
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Southern Scholastic (1/10-1/11/2015)
Info & Registration
Second Team Tournament (2/21/2015)
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Fake Copper Blanket XXXIII (3/21/2015)
Info & Registration Results U1000
Third Team Tournament (5/2/2015)
Info & Registration
Class Championship (6/6/2015)
Info & Registration

CMSCA is looking for chess parents who care about the scholastic chess community! We are looking for a Volunteer Coordinator to help us. If your children or students have benefited from attending CMSCA tournaments or receiving instruction from CMSCA instructors, please consider giving back to our organization by volunteering with CMSCA so that our programs can continue for years to come.

If you are interested in getting involved with CMSCA, please let us know! Please send an email to president@cmsca.org indicate your interest or to get more details.

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