Chris has been a professional chess teacher in the Charlotte area since 2004. He currently teaches at more than fifteen schools and works with over 300 students every week. Chris grew up in Boonville, North Carolina, where he first learned how to play chess from his older brother at age 11. Chris joined a local chess club and competed in scholastic tournaments for about a year. Then, chess took a back seat to sports and adolescence, and he took twelve-year hiatus from the game. In his twenties, Chris picked up chess again with renewed dedication. In 2007, Chris attained the title of National Master, won the U2200 section of the World Open, and became the North Carolina State Champion. In January 2010, Chris attained the title of Original Life Master after playing 300 tournament games over the rating of 2200. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of North Carolina. In addition to chess, he enjoys playing pool and tennis.

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